Welcome to KtiSys Model Builder!

KtiSys Model Builder provides a cost effective rapid prototyping environment for system engineering analysis and software development.

KtiSys Model Builder is a data flow graphical programming language tool. KtiSys Model Builder provides all the software tools necessary to build dynamic models and convert them into real-time embedded software. KtiSys Model Builder also allows you to share your models with others through the KtiSys Library.

KtiSys Model Builder harnesses the power of an open source toolset for real-time embedded systems called Gene-Auto. Gene-Auto takes as input the high-level graphical model from KtiSys and produces C code as output. KtiSys provides additional driver code to allow the generated code to connect a plant and controller model together with the BeagleBone Black using an ESDP Cape.

The site currently works with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer web browsers. Please report any issues to dbiglari@arkitrol.com.

Change Log KtiSys Model Builder version 1.0.06172015